Jimin's Bridal Wreath has a Hidden meaning that only BTS knows (2024)

Jimin’s Flower Bridal Wreath has hidden meaning that BTS knows and kept on Laughing whenever they called it and making him flustered.

On April 7, Ep 99 of RUN BTS released with a unique style. BTS was held in the supervision of Florist to make Flower assortments and Boutonnries. Here BTS discovered their Birth flowers for the first and the meaning it contains

Jimin's Bridal Wreath has a Hidden meaning that only BTS knows (1)

BTS Birth Flowers…

Taehyung’s Flower is Winter Sweet which means “Affection”.

Winter bear +Sweet night= Winter sweet ( taehyung birth flower) @BTS_twt #wintersweet pic.twitter.com/Q2Iz5VIceC

— tae is my heart?? ? (@muniza03923439) April 7, 2020

RM’s Flower is Clematis which means “Inner Beauty”, fits so well to him as he has a Most beautiful and sincere heart.


BTS Members' Birth Flower

Rm = Clematis pic.twitter.com/RQSXq328aE

— bolalabolalalachimolala (@faith_bermejo) April 7, 2020

Jungkook’s Flower is Tiger Lily which means “Please Love Me”.

jungkook's birth flower is a tiger lily which means 'please love me' :(( I WILL GIVE HIM ALL MY LOVE PLS pic.twitter.com/nhQ1Z3T2R3

— ayu⁷ (@kiwiijungoo) April 7, 2020

J-Hope Flower is Butter Cup means “Innocent Soul” perfect match for Sunshine.

Our sunshine, Jhope's Birth flower month.??@BTS_twt pic.twitter.com/yUf531IEnO

— ?BTS⁷_ ²⁰¹³ OT7?MOTS:7 (@BKraykray) April 7, 2020

Suga’s flower is Larch which sounds the same in Korean as “Dead Leaves” a song by Suga under his Album August-D. It symbolizes long life and has the meaning “Boldness and fearless”.

???BTS as their birth flowers ???️??
Suga as Larch
Symbolises : long life ?
No matter how harsh the environment is, it will grow ? pic.twitter.com/Z66tBA7sro

— Nanu⁷ ? (@nanu807) April 7, 2020

Jin’s Flower is Sooyoung meaning “Love”.

So Seokjin’s birth flower is called 수영(rumex) & it means ‘Love’ ♥️♥️ and you guys remember Jin’s heart events for us??? ♥️♥️♥️ he is born to give loves to a lot of people right? ??seokjinnie i love u #방탄소년단진 #방탄소년단 #진 #석진 #김석진 #Btsjin #jin #seokjin @BTS_twt pic.twitter.com/3ieXvdgNwy

— AUs??L̳A̳N̳A̳J̳I̳N̳N̳I̳E̳? (@lanajinnie) April 7, 2020

But it Was only Jimin’s Flower that turned out all members into laughter because His Flower name is “Bridal Wreath” which sounds similar to something else [A Hidden Cursed Word] in Korean. which is

Jimin's Bridal Wreath has a Hidden meaning that only BTS knows (2)

Mu favorite flower: Bridal Wreath
Meaning : Neat Love#JIMIN @BTS_twt #BTSRun pic.twitter.com/AkLfXj8f8s

— nicole ?♥️? (@calicomeow1013) April 7, 2020

So, he was flustered and tried to make the situation normal by stopping everyone from laughing

“If You Laugh it makes the situation weird, Hey Don’t laugh, Don’t laugh”

But it seemsdifficult for members to bring to an end.

Jimin again said, “It’s going to look weird”.

jimin asking the members not to laugh about his flower being the bridal wreath ? pic.twitter.com/idbq4uXuTi

— prod. JIMIN⁷ (@lovlocket) April 7, 2020

RM handled this hilarious situation by changing the topic. He asked the Teacher is Bridal Wreath a tree or Flower? and what’s its meaning? Flower’s meaning is “Neat Love” a great match as Jimin has a neat personality and members of BTS praised it that. But Jimin wasn’t over yet and said

“My part is going to be edited out”

Jimin's Bridal Wreath has a Hidden meaning that only BTS knows (3)

But it was made on it. The florist added that “Bridal Wreath is a common Spring flower and can be seen on streets”. His statement again turned the situation into an amusing one. As BTS members again started to laugh teasing Jimin by saying

“Common Jimin”

Suga was attempting his best to hold his chuckle but Jimin caught him red-handed so he tried to make the excuse that he wasn’t laughing

“What, what, what. I was just listening.”

yoonjin laughing at the bridal wreath and jimin becoming visibly flustered….HELP pic.twitter.com/e3VcP5kxMM

— prod. JIMIN⁷ (@lovlocket) April 7, 2020

But they kept on laughing and teasing him showing their Best Love to each other.

So What your Birth Flower? Check Here.



— ? (@hoseoksbb) April 7, 2020

Watch Complete Episode Here

Jimin's Bridal Wreath has a Hidden meaning that only BTS knows (2024)
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