All LSPDFR Controls and Keybinds (2024)

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Understand the default LSPDFR key bindings or even better- change those!

All LSPDFR Controls and Keybinds (1)

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Over the years, the GTA V community has made several interesting mods keeping its players engaged and relevant. One such mod is the LSPDFR mod that allows you to play as a police officer in the fictional town of Los Santos. While the vanilla mod is easy to install, many new players find it hard to wrap their brains around the controls as it overlaps the default keybindings. You can friskany suspect by pressing Q and arrest by pressing E,but it can get tricky and confusing as you explore more.

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All LSPDFR Mod Controls and Bindings

Here is a list of all the basic and essential controls required for all the sincere cops in the city of Santos.

F4Open console/command
BYou can call fellow police officers for backup
BReport a crime
JToggle the police siren on your patrol car
QFrisk any suspect (standing near the suspect)
QOpen a special police computer
NWill open the interaction menu
NPolice car location and Pursuit menu
ECuff suspect (while standing on top of them)
EHands up (while pointing your gun at the suspect)
EMake your suspect sit (after cuffing your suspect)
FGet out of your car
MPolice Radio
YAnswer any calls on duty
Left ShiftStart/stop traffic
Arrow KeysBrowse any Interaction menu
EnterSelect an option from any menu
Caps LockAction
F9Open Court menu
EscOpen LSPDFR Menu

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How to change keybindings in LSPDFR - GTA V

If you don't like the default keybindings, you can always change the respective bindings from the LSPDFR Mappings. To do this, follow the steps given below.

  • Open both the game and the LSPDFR mod.
  • After launching, press ESC to open the start menu and search for the LSPDFR options in the menu.
All LSPDFR Controls and Keybinds (2)
  • Click on the LSPDF options to open mappings for the mod.
  • Now change any key mappings according to your liking.

Remember, LSPDFR is one of the most commonly used and updated mods in the GTA V community. Check the official mod website for any changes to the above-prescribed settings and bindings.

What is the LSPDFR Mod?

LSPDFR is a popular GTA V mod that transforms your game into a first-response simulator, roleplay as a victim, or a police officer with your friends/thousands of other players on the internet. Simulate real-life scenarios like a bank heist using in-depth features that range from unique arresting animations to managing your prison. It's a must-install mod for players who adore the law enforcement-style roleplay scenarios on a server.

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How to install LSPDFR Mod in GTA V

Installing the LSPDFR is a lengthy process, but here is a brief description:

  • Download the latest LSPDFR mod from the official website. Ensure you are downloading the manual installer and extract the zip file.
  • Copy all the files inside the newly extracted folder into the GTA 5 installation directory.
  • Find the RAGEPluginHook.exe file in the same directory and launch the application. Alter settings according to your system profile and save it.
  • Launch the game and reach a free-roaming state. Press F4 to open the console command and type in -LoadPlugin "LSPD First Response.dll".Hit the enter button to run the command.
  • Voila! Enjoy playing the LSPDFR mod in GTA V. Create and customize your characters from the LSPDFR menu that can be found by pressing Escape.

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All LSPDFR Controls and Keybinds

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All LSPDFR Controls and Keybinds (2024)
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